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Please read our Terms of Use thoroughly. These terms apply to the access and use of the Centre for Emotional Health (CEH) Online Program sites and you will need to read and agree to these terms prior to accessing or using the site. If you or your guardian do not agree with any of the terms you are not authorised to use the site. If this is the case, please contact your service contact who may be able to offer you alternative treatment options, or your GP.

Every time you access the treatment program (either via the website, over the phone or in person with a therapist) you are subject to these Terms of Use.

For further information about how your privacy is gathered, stored and protected please see our Privacy Statement.

The Centre for Emotional Health is a research, training and treatment centre operated by Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. The online programs developed and delivered via the CEH are also under the direction of Macquarie University (the University).

You understand that in order to access the CEH Online Programs, you must have been assessed and approved for treatment via the online program by either the Centre for Emotional Health or one of our licensed service providers.

Our treatment programs are not considered appropriate if:

  • The service user is experiencing a crisis
  • The service user's personal safety is at risk
  • The service user requires medical treatment
  • Anxiety is not the service user's main concern

All service users undergo a therapist assessment before they are given access to the CEH Online Programs to determine if it is an appropriate treatment program for the individual. Answers given during this assessment may be recorded for evaluation purposes and for reference if the service user goes ahead with the program. The information will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Statement and the University's Privacy Management Plan.

You may withdraw from further participation at any time but we recommend contacting your service contact to discuss it before doing so.

You agree that neither the Centre for Emotional Health nor Macquarie University are liable for incorrect results provided during the initial assessment and subsequent treatment recommendations. You agree that neither the Centre for Emotional Health nor Macquarie University are liable for any loss or damage suffered by you due to your use of the CEH Online Programs.

You understand that your password must be kept confidential, and your user account should only be used by you. You agree to immediately inform the CEH Online Programs team of any unauthorised use of your user account or a breach of your password. You can contact us via the Contact form on this site or email to ceh.online.manager@mq.edu.au.

You understand that responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of any information downloaded to your computer lies with you.

You explicitly agree not to forward or copy any advice provided to you by a therapist (including via email or phone) to other persons, unless agreed in advance with your therapist in writing.

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