About Cool Little Kids

Cool Little Kids began as a program delivered to groups of parents. It was developed by Professor Rapee and colleagues from the Lifespan Health and Wellbeing Research Centre (previously known as the Centre for Emotional Health) at Macquarie University. The program is based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and is backed by scientific studies showing its effectiveness in preventing anxiety problems in young children.

The online version, Cool Little Kids Online, was developed by a team of psychologists and researchers from Macquarie University, the Lifespan Health and Wellbeing Research Centre (previously known as the Centre for Emotional Health) and La Trobe University.

It contains weekly modules with information and tools you can use to help your child become more confident. The online program can be used at your own pace at any time. There are also practice activities to complete with your child in-between modules. These help you practise the new skills and are what make the program really work!

About the team

  • Prof Ron Rapee

    Professor Ron Rapee

    Prof Rapee is Founding Director of the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University and the original developer of the Cool Little Kids evidence-based parenting group program. 

  • Dr Jordana Bayer

    Associate Professor Jordana Bayer

    Dr Bayer is a Clinical Psychologist who supervises postgraduate clinical psychology candidates at La Trobe University to deliver the Cool Little Kids parenting group program.

  • Dr Lauren McLellan

    Dr Lauren McLellan

    Dr McLellan is a clinical psychologist and early career researcher with expertise and special interest in clinical research, particularly understanding and effectively treating anxiety in youth using technology.

  • Dr Morgan

    Dr Amy Morgan

    Dr Morgan is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne who specialises in improving the mental health of Australians through internet-based programs and resources.

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Interactive worksheets

Interactive worksheets

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